Finally putting up some photos

16 01 2007

I haven’t finished any projects lately but here are some pics of what I’ve done already, since like November anyways. I gave these away as parts of Christmas gifts this year, albeit a bit last minute. Hopefully I’ll have more photos to show soon =) once I can figure out why my digital camera and my new laptop don’t like each other.

This dishcloth: simple basketweave…actually, my first dishcloth ever!! =) neutral/boring color but it wasn’t bad at all! Ended up going to my boyfriend’s cousin + wife.

I loved the colors on this one! Lily’s SnC =) Very plain stockinette with seed stitch border. This one went to boyfriend’s aunt.

This lovely dishcloth was also another Lily SnC. Definitely one of my favorite ones I’ve made yet =) Loved the colors! May be hard to see but there’s yellow…totally works with the palm tree! This one went to boyfriend’s mom.

I can almost feel the warm sand and cooling breeze……Yeah, some cooling breeze! About 30-degrees-Fahrenheit freezing! Brrr!! I can’t stand winter!! Please please summer come quick! =P

Next post (once I get my camera and laptop to like each other), I’d love to see what people think I should create with these skeins of yarn I bought online (always a toss up). Till next time!





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