What to do with this yarn??

23 01 2007

I’m at a lost. I bought these yarns on eBay and I’m quite excited about them…but I don’t know what to make. The one with the most balls (the black, grey and gold) looked blue online until I received them. I wasn’t disappointed, mind you because it’s still a beautiful yarn! It just wasn’t the color yarn that I wanted to use for some sort of evening shawl.

Anyways, there’s 3 balls (about 4 oz ea) of the black, gold and grey stranded yarn (1). Beautiful yarn! The suggestion needle size is 7-9.

There’s only 3 oz approx. of the bright colorful yarn (2). Really fun colors! Again, not sure what to make with it. I think the suggested needle size was 7, though the yarn feels thinner.

The last yarn is a toughie. It’s a pale-r collection of pastel colors of the rainbow (3), with a thick and thin thing going on. It’s a silk blend. The suggested needle size was 9. Now, it’s such a pale version of pastel colors that I’m really not sure what to use. It looks kinda yellow-y because I had to turn the flash off. With the flash on, it flooded it out.

Here are the pics:




So please please, I need a little help, suggestion, inspiration, etc. with this. Please help!! Comments to this post are just fine! Thank youu!!





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