8 02 2007

I’ll confess that I was a bit nervous with last night’s first meeting of KUTI-Westchester…I mean I’m always nervous meeting new people but I think more so because I’m the “organizer” (whatever that may mean). It’s different when you’re planning an event for some reason. I’m not sure how but it’s less nervousness-inducing somehow. I mean I was nervous but I got over the nervousness quickly because it was easy to feel comfortable with everyone…always a plus!! As always, I was kinda nervous about people having a good time…when am I not nervous about that? lol I think everyone did…at least that’s what the general consensus was in the group posts today! =) always a good sign!

I guess my main concern is where to go with the group. Should I make it more structured like some of the other groups that have themed nights or just kinda chill? I mean I did like the chill part but maybe certain nights can be themed…ah who knows! lol =) I’m just glad the group got on its feet last night!! How awesome!! I actually finished a square WHILE chatting! Awesome stuff!

1. Patchwork afghan for my sister who is off to Northeastern Univ in Sept…30 squares: 1 down
2. Dallas Cowboys scarf – must…finish…embroidery!

STBOTN: (Soon to be on the needles)
1. Valentine’s Day gift for the boyfriend heehee >=) (as always, I wait until the last minute!)
2. My version of the Valentine’s Day gift for moi! Both Cascade Fixation
3. Laptop case from Knitting with Balls (Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool)
4. Hooded baby blanket for a new baby due in July
5. Matching kimono sweaters for twin girls turning 1 (we didn’t get a baby shower gift last year…yes, we’re losers lol)
6. Fun fuzzy scarf for 7-year-old cousin to replace the waste-of-money-because-it-didn’t-work-or-come-with-directions “knitting machine” for her birthday

I think that’s it…should keep me busy for a while. I love projects but sometimes I’d like to just knit kinda mindlessly…=T But I don’t like novelty or odd colored variegated yarns…I’ll just have to find a nice looking scarf pattern that’s easy to remember…for those times I’m sitting in jury duty =) …unless of course they don’t allow knitting needles in court =P

I’m going to try to post pics of my FO…maybe entitled The FO of 2007 …or maybe I can put some effort into it and get creative with the name =) wouldn’t hurt lol




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11 03 2007

Just saying hello! 🙂 I hope I can make it to the next KUTI meeting, whenever it may be. I had lots of fun last time.

BTW, I’ve only been pushing for Wednesday because it seems like a lot of other people can make it then, but I’m actually free Mondays, Fridays and weekends, too. If you’re ever willing to have a meet where you can’t be present, that would probably be fine (though we’ll spend the whole time crying because we miss you). 😉

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