A So-Late Update

15 03 2007

Ahh! It’s been over a month since I last blogged! Egad! (As Veronica Lodge’s dad always said!) Okay so what’s new:

  1. KUTI-Westchester is on its 4th Knit Night!! Yay! This time, instead of ABC, we’re goin’ for the movie theater cafe =) Expanding horizons! Next up? A pub! >=) Livin’ up to the name!
  2. Decided to go with real estate instead of event planning for now…except event planning somehow keeps popping up but less so as actual opportunities =(
  3. Sister’s afghan!: On the 3rd square…of 20…
  4. Found a use for one of those odd yarns!! =)


Cool Thing: My friend who I made the Dallas Cowboys/Mavericks scarf for…she finally sent me a pic!…because I forgot to take a picture before I sent it…=P

My favorite part about knitting? Customization!! =)

It’s a shame that you can’t (read: I don’t yet know how to) insert pics in the lists available in the right column…hmm. Otherwise it could look totally awesome!!

Sigh I have to devote a bit more time to this blog! At least once a week maybe =) So many things to do, so little time…

By the way, lovin’ the Pattern a Day Knit and Crochet Calendars…yes calendarS. I buy so many calendars…it’s like the paranoid person with a million clocks. And yet, I usually don’t know what day it is. Oh well! I just buy them for the pretty pictures, awesome patterns or inspirational quotes =)




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