Clapotis! And Choices

15 04 2007

Oh it, again, has been forever since I’ve blogged! But, I found a new “forum” for blogging that I may be able to do on a regular basis =) We’ll see how I go with it first.

So here are the pics of my clapotis so far:

And here’s a closeup of the very first drop stitch that I did!!

Can I just say…after being paranoid about dropping stitches for so long, it was so difficult to intentionally DROP the stitch!! But, I did it =) lol I think I like it too! I’ll probably be adding some more drop-stitch projects to the list soon =)

Oh and one more thing, the red little things…yeah, those are my “stitch markers” lol I felt very proud that I could do that…until I realized that I still need that red yarn!! I should’ve stuck with the green/blue one (which you can’t really see but they’re there)

So Mother’s Day is coming up…what to buy…what to make…oh I don’t know!! But here’s what I’ve come up with so far!

A Rose for Mother from
Calla Lillies from

So now I’m not sure what to make! Is a scrubber/loofah really what I want to give?? Are the lillies appropriate and cool enough? (And easy enough too)…Not to mention this is going to be for my mom, gramma, my boyfriend’s mom and gram and possibly his 3 aunts…wow that’s alot! And if I do the lilly thing…what else do I give?! Oh boy! We’ll have to see about this and I’ll update once I’ve decided =)




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