15 04 2007

Oh yeah, and I frogged that Arctic Throw…400+ stitches on a US 10 24″ circular? Not fun! It wasn’t too painful since I only had maybe 1 inch of the thing done!! But now…I don’t know what to do with the yarn!! It’s Berella So Soft in Moss Lagoon…when I bought it, I could’ve SWORN it was a blue-black-and-white colorway…and I drooled over it! Until I got it…it’s like a blue-green-white colorway….not half bad BUT not what I was expecting =T Check it out:

See, the darkest color is actually a dark green, not black. So now I have 9 100g-skeins of this. It’s acrylic…which, I can go either way on. I’ve never really been a huge fan of variegated yarn =T I love the solid colors so now I’m kind of stuck…oh well, I guess I’ll just HAVE to search for a new pattern during work 😉 heehee

By the way, I LOVE MY MAC!! =) I almost was going to type that I’d have to post later with the picture…But, Mac saved the day by having a BUILT-IN camera!! Oh the joys of owning a Mac!! =) PCs suck! =P lol




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