Ooo! Disney! Wedding! Dresses! lol

23 04 2007

So while this is my knitting blog, I just HAD to throw this in there since I foudn it today =)

You know…I had heard murmurings of the infamous Disney wedding gowns that were expected to be revealed at the (TOTALLY) awesome Bridal Fashion Week in NYC…and of course as the dates neared, I completely forgot about it.

So sometime today, someone had uttered the words “wedding” and “Disney” and it dawned on me!! And what did my resourceful self do? GOOGLED IT! =) And might I add that, I truly thought that the gowns would be brightly colored costume-like frocks, fit for a costume ball rather than an elegant wedding that I intend to have in teh future…I was (gratefully) wrong! They’re actually very chic and sexy! =) This site has a plethora of pics so instead of bogging down my memory space on my Blogger, here’s the link for those who are interested: BrideFu – Disney Wedding

BUT, I can’t resist showing off my favorite!! Check it out! HOW GORGEOUS!! Now this is definitely a princess-wedding-gown that I could wear to my wedding =) …well maybe…I mean its beautiful, but maybe, just maybe I would change the shade of ivory…wouldn’t want to disappear in teh gown lol =P

Okay and I have to confess…I was really hoping taht the Ariel (Little Mermaid)-inspired gown would be perfect for me, seeing as how I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid lol (yes I’m a dork!) but alas, the one in this article…very pretty! but not the best for me….Hopefully they’ll post up more pics of the gowns =)




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