So excited!!

2 05 2007

I am such the dork!!

Okay, so I’m home and going through emails when I was reading the KUTI message thread about Knitty Gritty…and so it begins:

1. Googled Knitty Gritty and found which led me to DIY Network
I checked on DIY Network (b/c I found it thru for show times…and I was like 2pm?!?! But I’m almost positive that KUTI members said 7am!!
2. Checked on DIY Network and disappointment ensued…::thought bubble:: 2pm?? I’m at work! No go…but wait, I know the thread started off saying it was earlier…even morning time…hmm
3. Went back to check out the initial thread…Ah! HGTV!
4. Checked on HGTV…the excitement builds!
5. …Found out that it airs at 7am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…
6. (wait for it)…Realized it could “convince” me to get up earlier for work…
7. (and climactic sound effect a la eureka)…Wait a second! I could workout while I watch!! [Which makes sense because I have a hard time watching something and knitting at the same time even though it’s a knitting show…go figure…but mindless watching while working out? A no-brainer!]

So now I get my regular workout in (so the boyfriend is happy) and I get to work early (so the boss is happy) and, the best part, I get my regular fix of knitting! =) not that I don’t surf knitting sites during the day, mind you =)

I’m so excited! =) Hopefully the show will give me even more reason to drag my butt out of bed 30 minutes earlier =)

Of course, I’ll probably only start off with working out for 15 minutes or so…so I’ll have time to relax a bit in the morning. I just have to make sure I get UP and OUT of bed to turn on the TV =) Gradually and over time I’ll increase the time so I can take advantage of the full 30 minutes =) This is going to be great!! =)




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