Day 1 of Knitting Workout

3 05 2007

Okay so I finished my first workout this morning while watching Knitty Gritty…and it worked!! =) I (reluctantly but finally) got out of bed and did 3 sets of everything, which worked out PERFECT given the fact that there were 3 segments with 2 commercial breaks in between =) Actually, I think it was 4 with 3 breaks but no matter…the point is that I did it! =) I felt great today…granted quite hungry because I ate less than normal today…because I was late for work…because I sat around watching Creative Juices right afterwards…darn TV! =P

And yes, diagonal knitting rocks! That’s why I love my Clapotis!! =) Which rocks as well!! Though it doesn’t quite look like the one on Knitty yet…I haven’t dropped all the stitches since it’s a pain in the ass!! The yarn has mohair…evil mohair! I literally have to YANK stitches apart! I feel like I’m going to rip it in half! sigh =P So once I am DONE…I’ll just sit there with prolly a crochet hook or something and drop the stitches…tedious =P but I’ll live =) Because I’ll finally be somewhat warm at work =)

So yes, workout was awesome and my schedule is now Mon-Wed-Fri 30 min in the morning, Sat afternoon/Sun morning workout with the boyfriend and then Tues-Thurs 30 min walk during lunch =) Of course, I have to couple that with healthy eating =) which means: no more calamari (damnit), no more junk food (can definitely do), no more excessive sweets (can definitely do…but gum doesn’t count)……which also means: more salads (totally do-able! I discovered the salad bar at A&P…not up to Whole Foods par but thats okay for now), more meat (totally do-able), more avocados (yum!) and coconut (yum!) =)

I’ll have to whip up some sort of cool coconut concoction…I think… =P




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