Just Thought Up

4 05 2007

So my boyfriend tells me that we’re going to “have to” spend Mother’s Day with his family…which is fine since my mom has said many-a-times that she doesn’t really care for commercial holidays. Doesn’t really matter though since we’ll be at my house the day before =)

Sitting at work, I was pondering…what to get/make for them…would the crocheted flowers be enough? Jay said he was planning only on getting cards since it’s a nice holiday but not like their birthdays or anything. Pondering some more…I asked my buddy Cathy what her thoughts were, to which she replied that the flowers were fine. Okay so multiple OKs decided the gifts.

After work, I bounded over to Rag Shop…not because I *like Rag Shop. Mind you, I’m an avid AC Moore fan because they’re cheaper and relatively easy to get to (and close to some of my fave stores, ie Daffys, DSW). There *is a Michaels about …5 miles away from it but I hate that highway =P Route 17 SUCKS! Route 4 isn’t that much better but you have to take 4 to get to 17 so why bother going the extra 5 miles?!

Anyways, the other reason I went to Rag Shop, a 40% off coupon on all non-sale items…sounds good to me! Besides, while AC Moore *is cheaper, I don’t think it was by as much as 40% =P

So we’ve got here: green stem wire for structure, a tulip colored skein of Red Heart Super Saver, a maroon skein of Super Saver and a forest green ball of Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread in size 10. It was the only green that matched the stem wire. How much did that all cost? $6.29 =P Granted, I got screwed out of $0.64 but I wasn’t going to go back and argue for that since I was tired and hungry and itching to get home.

So I figured I have a beautiful blue Red Heart (I brought it to KUTI last week) at home that would be PERFECT for Jay’s Mom who is a big tropics-Caribbean fan =) So I was thinking a lovely tropical blue calla lily =) For Jay’s Gram, a maroon crocheted rose…for his aunts, tulip colored carnations since I’ve decided/realized that I can do that up relatively quickly…all I have to do is bind off.

Now here’s the hard part…How do I attach the flower bud to the stem wire?? I mean of course I’d probably twist the stem wire into or hooked into the flower bud…but beyond that?? I have no clue! I mean it’d look like one twig and I mean TWIG with a huge flower bud on top!!

So there I was, standing dumbfounded in Rag Shop…that and walking around towards the silk/plastic flowers sections because I eyed some awesome fake calla lillies! (Which I did not end up buying because I couldn’t justify getting them when I don’t know how to arrange them nicely =P but maybe I’ll go back Sat morning…especially since they’re only like $0.40!!)

Then I thought…Okay, i-cord wrapped/twisted around the stem wire! Or! Stem wire folded in half and twisted to make it thicker and *then the i-cord! It’s so zany, it JUST may work! Because I also have to make leaves….oh crap =( I need actual yarn rather than thread for that =( And I *know they don’t have any regular yarn to match the forest green =( ………………Oh well, I’m inventive…I’ll think of something! =P

So I have 3 carnations, 1 rose and 1 calla lily to make….I’m (unfortunately) putting all other projects on hold for this one so I’d better finish soon! But it should be nice =) I’ll photograph after I’m done =)




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