Thinking Ahead – Mom’s Birthday

4 05 2007

My mother…the hardest person to shop for =P “What would you like for [insert celebration or holiday here]?” “Nothing.” and NO hints or suggestions whatsoever! Never =P

So I was thinking about my Mom and considered what she may “need” so to speak…other than a huge windfall to fund 2 college-bound children (at the same time no less), a LONG LONG LONG relaxing vacation (alone, preferably without my father who nags her…yes, it’s the other way around)….she needs……nothing. Furthermore, the one thing I *could buy for her that I feel she needs…she would never go for: soothing, relaxing, tension-releasing massage. Her reasoning? “Waste of time and money.” Sigh.

So I thought about what she may use regularly. She just bought shoes, so nix that. For Mother’s Day, I’m getting her either a plant or a gift card to the local (huge) plant/flower exchange because I’m broke, otherwise I’d get her both…though it’s probably gift card since she’s picky. She doesn’t really buy clothes…even when we give her money and gift cards to do so, so nix that. She doesn’t do the manicure/pedicure/haircut/treat-yourself-services at all (we’ve tried it)…so nix that.

“What does she wear often that may need replacing?”…::pondering::…her SCARF! And yes, I can make one of those! So thinking and thinking again…remembered that I came across a scarf that instantly reminded me of my Mom!!


So the solid version calls for Debbie Bliss Pure Silk…which runs $14/skein. I’d LOVE, would absolutely LOVE to spend money like that (and if I think long enough, I might)…The pattern calls for 2 skeins…so that’s at least $28 excluding shipping, taxes, etc. I like to get people lots of small gifts because who *doesn’t like to open up gift after gift? Even if they’re small! I personally love that! Especially if they’re meaningful gifts =) So in my mind, I was thinking that the big/bigger part of the birthday gift would be the scarf…what else? Probably another gift card to a store that she’ll want/need something at…eventually I’ll pick up on it. Of course chocolate! Probably a new sleek metal business card holder (CB Kids has one for like $5) so I’m thinking…I’d love to spend hundreds on my Mom because she totally deserves it but I’m so broke right now =(

Surfed to HelloKnitty ($2.50 shipping!) and found Cascade 220…similar gauge…very boring colors. Oh by the way, Debbie Bliss Pure Silk? Boring colors! Yes, solid colors can work perfectly…if it goes with everything she owns…and isn’t too wild or bright or boring or old looking. Okay so back to the drawing board! Cascade Tweed – different gauge. So maybe Cascade 220 ($6/skein)…not sure on it so I hop over to eBay…DB Pure Silk is *still that expensive. So I went to find my favorite seller Spin City Yarns from Hawaii!!

This woman always has the prettiest yarns!! I love her! The very first one on the page and I went “Perfect!” It’s feminine yet elegantly mature but not boring (the metallics) like a solid color could be. Checked the gauge – good enough…checked yardage…would need two. Checked price: total would be $10. Not bad =) So now I’m just trying to figure out/make sure this colorway works because sometimes the colors from digi cams are totally off…which has happened with her before so I’m thinking I’ll have to investigate before I buy…but what do you think? The yarn with the pattern? Goes well or not so much? =T




One response

15 05 2007

What a beautiful pattern! And that yarn is gorgeous. I’m sure they’d work well together.

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