2 06 2007

It’s finished!! It’s ALIVE!! IT”S ALIVE!!! =)

My Clapotis is finished!!! This was my FIRST Tiffany-project (definition – a project made specifically for Tiffany to love, enjoy and use) and was my FIRST project that I blocked!!

Here’s my proof!:

This is Clapotis halfway through. The red things are my ghetto stitch markers…which I finally traded in for hair elastics that I bought at the dollar store =)

Clapotis after I bound off…You can see the severe and prominent curl of the edges…I didn’t like that. So I went to fix it…

Lucky pool table…got poked and soaked! =P I found a new use for pool balls =) Though the cue isn’t the best as a straight edge (it widens at a point which makes it confusing)…Wow was it tough pinning this down!! Maybe it was because the black and white towel (only one left) wasn’t as wide as the purple…hmm.

Took a full hour to pin it down and then use the sprayer to wet the whole thing. I let it dry overnight and then I took it off the table after work. So wow it took a while to dry! Surprised me really since I thought overnight would’ve done it since I only spritzed a bit…or maybe it was more than I thought…Taking it off the table was fun and easy =)

Don’t you just love the drape?!?!? OMG! I love it!! I think it’s beautiful!! =)

I leave it at work because apparently I work in Antarctica. Since people saw me working on it for like a week or so, everyone’s like “Ooo you finished it! It’s so pretty!” and my favorite from my boss: “It’s not cold in here…you just want to wear it!” Ah..duh! But it IS cold! =P

Here’s the funny thing though…I don’t actually KNOW how to wear a shawl…yes I’m a dope. It always falls and I just feel like it doesn’t look right on me =T Go figure! But yes! My Clapotis is DONE! =)




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20 06 2007
Miss Megs

So pretty!!!

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