Last one for the night

2 06 2007

Last one for the night…so sleepy!

1. KnittyGritty Workout: Totally on! Every Monday-Wednesday-Friday! Even the boyfriend has noticed that I’m in better shape! Rock on!

2. Birthday: The boyfriend has finally caught on that the best present for me, especially since my birthday just past, is yarn =) This weekend (okay so it’s a late present), the very smart man will be purchasing some lovely wool and awesome cotton yarns from Elann =) for Tempting (sweater) and Tori (vest) from…These will be my first attempt at knitwear…ooooo!!

3. WWKIPDay: June 9th, people!! World Wide Knit in Public Day!! Come out to Tibbits Park in White Plains (Atlanta Bread Company at City Center in case of rain) and knit in public!! It’s a Saturday and we’ll (or at least I will) be there from 10am-2pm with cookies and yarn for SWAPPING! =) Check it out!! and

Now the pillow looks even more tempting =)




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