Mother’s Day Gifts: Possible and Finished!

2 06 2007

So I was racking my brain for WEEKS prior to Mother’s Day. And, as in usual fashion, I dilly-dallied until the last minute. Found a relatively easy crochet pattern for 3D flowers that weren’t flat. Asked a fellow KUTI member (Maven!) to refresh my crochet memory. And boom! I was off and on my way!!


The pink one is about maybe 3″ high…5″ in diameter. I did too many rounds =P The blue is my favorite…b/c of color and yarn =) The red is a rose (the others are carnations).

I was meaning to put crochet thread leaves on there with a stem (from floral wire) but didn’t have time…though I did finish the leaves…the day before Mother’s Day. Like I said, procrastinator!

So that was my first foray *back into crochet…and it was fun!! =) I will be crocheting a sweater soon…talk about jumping the gun =P lol




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