Unravel Therapy 1

2 06 2007

Found an article on how to unravel sweaters. Searched through my closet and found sweaters to unravel (wasn’t difficult…had a number of ill-fitting ones).

A lovely burgundy color. Was a sweater from Aeropostale…annoyed that I couldn’t find the other two ill-fitting things…would’ve been perfect for unraveling!

I truly found that unraveling this sweater was therapeutic. Messy but therapeutic. That and it was awesome watching the knitted fabric literally *dance while being unraveled! Yarn pulling from one end to the other…totally looked like a dance to me! =)

So I’ve already unraveled two sleeves which are now sitting as center-pull skeins (courtesy of my trusty and newly-bought ball winder!). I, of course, didn’t follow directions completely because I failed to measure the yardage that I had. Oh well =) Love the yarn anyway! Will measure next time! Now I have the front pouch, back and front and hood to unravel =)




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