late update

16 06 2007

it was an awesome time! yes it was also last saturday =P im slow with my blogging. made cookies =) took pics of the cookies…a smidge lazy to upload them xP i made close to 100 cookies or so…not having breakfast made me eat alot =P thats what i’ll blame my weak sweet tooth on =) met two new members of KUTI =) one of whom may be reading this right now =) hey-ya mary beth! =)

i woudl write more but im so tired right now xP that cannot be normal for me! im 23, i work out regularly, sleep well and regularly …im exhausted!! i dont OVER-workout either…i refuse to tell my boyfriend tho…he’ll AUTOMATICALLY say “you’re eating badly”…and he’d be right. let’s see. wednesday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast and lunch (half of it anyways), slice of ice cream cake for linner (lunch-dinner) and for dinner nothing; thursday – meat lover’s omelet for breakfast, buttermilk pancakes for lunch, huge slice of the same ice cream cake for snack (sounds better), egad mcd’s fries for dinner xP im so bad lol and friday – pizza….yeah i woudl AbSOLUTELY consider that eating badly! oh woe is me! i really do need to stop eating junk…i totally feel gross and yucky and stuffed up b/c of it! and, worse yet, i know better! =T sigh, darn my weakness for pizza! xP its that chhhheeeeeese =P lol does me in every time!

so i started a new project at the WWKIPday outing. check it otu here. im using red heart soft yarn in a baby blue =) i love it! its my first sweater project EVER, certainly first large crochet project…im excited =) i’ll post pics soon!

come to think of it, i need to post pics of my unravel therapy! well, actually i ahve to get back to it soon…haven’t touched it in a while =T where are hte hours?!




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