Hmm…still lagging

25 07 2007

Well, I certainly thought I’d be able to update more often since I transfered my blog to a more familiar host. Eh, didn’t really affect my blogging much, since, you know, I haven’t done it at all!

At work right now so I can’t put up any photos of recent FOs but I finished the mock cable scarf for the BF’s Aunt #2 AND the BF’s scarf =) Pretty pleased with myself on that one! Also found out that my sister doesn’t like any of her gifts (luckily I asked before I started) so back to square one. She did mention that she digs legwarmers…soo VERY interesting! Maybe a pair of mohair legwarmers? Perhaps with metallic laced throughout? We’ll see. Kinda bored…which means that for once I’m not INSANELY busy! =)

My BF has finally come to grips with my yarn addiction =) Though now he believes that I wholeheartedly prefer to rip old sweaters vs. buying yarn. Which, sometimes is true…but buying yarn is nice too =) Though ripping is therapeutic! I have very little time for ripping though so I haven’t gotten very far in that =T

OTN: Ruffle scarf for BF’s Gram in Paton’s Divine; Ribbed scarves for BF’s Cousin and my Dad in Caron’s Simply Soft + some yarn I got from my aunt via Yarn Karma!

ISO: Scarf pattern for BF’s Aunt #3 – something nice and versatile but still pretty, not dainty though




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