To Buy or Not to Buy…

25 07 2007

So I went through my emails today. Found an email about Interweave Knits’ Back Issue Sale. Essentially, buy 4, get the 5th one free. So I browsed the back issues. Found 5 I liked and added it all up. With shipping, it comes to $35.46, roughly $7.09/issue. Right now, I technically could afford to splurge. However, do I want to?

Most of the issues that I picked have at least 9 patterns I like…and I personally am a fan of Interweave Knits, so one would think that it’d work out. But $35 for magazines? Eh…that’s what has me unsure.

Here are the issues that I chose (for everyone’s amusement and my personal reference): Knitscene Spring 2007; IK Summer 2007; IK Summer 2006; IK Spring 2006; and IK Winter 2005.

I keep seeing/hearing about people destashing and am wondering if that may be a cheaper route…hmm…The email didn’t mention an end date for the sale so I don’t know how long I have to ponder this…

I think I’ll get back to work while pondering some more…any suggestions are welcomed




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