Addicted to Collecting? aka Online Pack Rat?

10 08 2007

I signed up for a bunch (read: too many) recipe newsletters from Truly a large collection in a great many categories. So I get about ….15 emails a day from (roughly). What do I end up doing at night? Sitting there, copying all these recipes that I’m interested in. Anyone got suggestions for recipe programs?? I found CookWare Deluxe for Mac so that’s a possibility. But wow is my collection messy! So the Chef Wanna-Be hits again! Hopefully I’ll be able to make everything once I have my own place =) I’m really focusing on Italian recipes (hmm I wonder why!)

I’m so tired and sleepy. I really do need to sleep now. This whole collecting recipes thing is almost as addicting as collecting knitting patterns! Oh and I’ve started with non-knitting craft “recipes/patterns”! Found a bunch on such as: DIY with Your Own Photos Journal and Silhouette

Hopefully I can find enough prints of my own to create the journals…and with the silhouette project? Probably Jay as the model in a gift to myself (how corny!)




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