User-UNfriendly…unless you have a MAC!

30 08 2007

So I came across this site, I think from one of my many knitting online groups. It has all these cute as anything little crocheted cakes! Check it out: – Cake Sachets. Sorry but I’m not making the URL a link for this page. Just copy and paste =P

Why, you ask? Well because, as everyone knows, I love to collect free patterns…I mean, why pay the price when you can get it for free?? As such, I usually copy them into MS Word and reformat it. Well, I started doing that and then realized that the images of cakes…are NOT images! That’s the background! So at first, I said “Oh pish posh! I have a Mac AND Adobe Reader!” So I tried to “Print to PDF”, fully thinking that it would work. Well it “printed to PDF” only the first “page” that is seen even though it spans at least 5!

This totally got my blood boiling! I mean, really, HOW can you do that?! I sat there thinking that this person is so unfair to offer the information but not the images to go with so I know what it is that I’m crocheting! I mean I had not knowing what my project is going to look like, even just a general idea!

Then I realized. Macs have GRAB IT….Oh yes! The tool of salvation for this problem! So I tried it and found that yay-ness it works!! At first the lines aren’t clean etc BUT I also have Fireworks so the problem will eventually be solved.

Bottom line, if you’re going to offer a free pattern…offer an image so people will know what in the world they’re crafting! Otherwise, what’s the point?! Mystery is great but come on! Not everyone has extra yarn to waste! =P (Oh and I don’t really care what kind of charity THING the webmaster is doing! Because he/she’s clearly not very generous since he/she can’t seem to provide easily save-able images for the patterns!)




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