New Spike TV show – Murder

5 09 2007

Okay, I’m not a forensic scientist or anything. However, I was and am a student of forensic science. The people they “recruited” for the 1st episode of the show are completely ridiculous! Possibly with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 participants. Did they audition?? I mean, really, HOW in the world did these people make it on to the show?! And if you really wanted to get on the show, WHY would you NOT read up on proper crime scene investigation procedures?! (Ie: you SHOULD take pictures of everything BEFORE touching anything!)

Not to mention the fact that the “investigators” keep on with the in-fighting! I mean geez! It’s sad that the two girls in the show are so stuck on their opinions that they refuse to listen to the EVIDENCE. Oh it’s so sad and embarrassing for women! I mean hey, if it’s gut instinct, that’s one thing…but usually the gut instinct caveat works with experienced scientists, not untrained, uneducated, TV-crazed CSI fans! [Don’t get me wrong, I love CSI too but not for its novelty; rather, for its “continued” education combined with forensics books and textbooks.] Some of these participants seem like just TV-crazed CSI fans and nothing more! Granted, this makes sense too, however, since students of forensic science would probably ALREADY be in the field and would not need to participate in this show.

Oh and also, team means that you work together! Usually there’s a leader, which is always a good idea! This should be the person with the most actual experience with forensics, not TV-watching experience. There’s a HUGE difference!

Haha! The presentations are HILARIOUS! It sounds like they’re presenting to a high school class, not a seasoned homicide detective. Oh so sad. Although it IS interesting that the law student put a distinct “courtroom interaction with jury” spin on the presentation. However, both teams sucked. The homicide detective even said that one team totally missed a key piece of evidence and the other team was just stupid. Oh it was great to hear that!

Hmm…are there auditions for this show? Lol




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