Don’t Get Me Started on the Media!

19 09 2007

Oh and I almost forgot. The initial articles regarding the U of FL incident told that he was a prankster. Way to SPIN the entire situation! Our mass media has become merely a pawn of the government, a propaganda tool. Furthermore, does it matter if he was a prankster? Does it make a difference at all in terms of the violation of his constitutional rights? What if he was a top student? What if he was gay? What if it was a girl? Would that have made any difference whatsoever as to the justification of the incident? No, it wouldn’t because having 6 police officers detain an unarmed student is completely unjustifiable! Yet mass media would rather highlight the idea that this student, Andrew Meyers, was a prankster, instead of being a voice for those who may not be able to speak loudly enough.

Instead of standing up for a fellow citizens’ rights, the mass media AND those students in the hall at that moment would rather focus their attention on the petty goings-on of druggy celebrities and who wore what at which award show. Does that matter to ANYone in the long run? If we can’t even trust the mass media to focus on newsworthy (instead of sensational) news, what use is it for? If that is their focus, then really, even mass media is just tabloids, instead of a trustworthy and honest aspect of society. Those in the mass media industry must realize that they have a moral duty, by being in the industry of information, to report newsworthy events in a trustworthy and timely manner. If that’s not what you’re interested in doing, then get out of the industry and stop soiling the essence of journalism and mass communications!




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