Losing Faith in My Generation

19 09 2007


U of FL incident

“Students stunned — and tired — about Taser incident”

I’m sorry but you’re TIRED of hearing about the Taser incident at U of FL?? Wait, so this situation is a textbook example of the violation of a citizen’s constitutional rights and…you’re TIRED of hearing about it? Are you kidding me?!?! This is exactly why I have lost alot of faith in today’s young people, a group that I find hard to ever associate myself with.

And yes I’ve seen the video. The students were just SITTING there. Quietly, obediently SITTING there while a fellow student was being attacked by 6 police officers. Was THAT even necessary?!?! He was unarmed, barely even violent (all he was doing was trying to pry himself from their grip) and that was reason to have 6 police officers detain him?!?! Why? Because he was asking a question that someone did not like?? Kerry even offered to answer the question. So where is the danger, or security threat in that?? Have our police officers become just robots, controlled by people who use them as mindless weapons against people who question authority?? Wasn’t this country founded on questioning authority? Isn’t that what our Constitution grants us the right to do?? Freedom of speech, did we forget about that crucial liberty?

Oh of course we did. We forgot about our entire Constitution the second this administration first came on the stage in 2000. And if you think even for a SECOND that 9/11 was a complete surprise to our government, read up on Pearl Harbor. The Patriot Act that allows our government to eavesdrop on its citizens’ conversations with foreign contacts without a warrant is a gross perversion of executive, legislative and judicial power. What happened to civil liberties??

And speaking of civil liberties, check this one out: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20875107/

So now he wants to allow for even MORE perversion in the name of national security? The only reason we have to fear for our national security is because we keep intruding on other nations’ sovereignty. Who died and made us the world police? That’s why we’re paranoid about our national security. Now they want to allow for eavesdropping sans warrant, but this time targeting US citizens. And the Dems are concerned about looking weak on national security? Excuse me but does it say anywhere in the Constitution that you swore to uphold that you must protect our national security over our civil liberties? I didn’t think so. So the ones who are in control are worried, not about the potential effects of this law becoming permanent, but about looking weak? That’s why they DO look weak! Because they’re worried about things like that! If they just stick to the Constitution, that wouldn’t even come into play!

And guess who’s prone to following the Constitution? A Republican named Ron Paul, well really a Libertarian. Everyone’s big debate is “Republican or Democrat”, “Obama or Clinton” or whoever else they’re going to debate about because everyone cares about joining one team against the other, without necessarily examining candidates’ credentials, stances on issues and the general behavior of these politicians. People are going to vote either Republican or Democrat because they think that’s all there is to government. People are going to vote for either Obama or Clinton because of either race or gender, which should not be the reason you are voting for someone! That’s called a popularity contest, not a presidential election. A person’s race or gender is not a litmus test for his or her character and common sense. Just because a candidate is African American or Asian American or Hispanic American does not make him or her the best candidate JUST on that fact. Nor does being a woman mean you have to vote for the female candidate. So I highly recommend that the nation, especially those in my generation read up on these candidates, and give Ron Paul a read too while you’re at it. Because the way things look now, it’s a question of the lesser of two evils when it comes to the candidates everyone talks about. Do we really want to continue in this path of self-destruction / unnecessary attempts at world domination? Do we really just want to emulate Pinky and the Brain and constantly do nothing else but try to take over the world?




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