We should see more public shaming such as this…

23 09 2007

Greenspan absolutely should be ashamed of his puppet-like behavior, as should Bernanke and all the others who work for the elitist and globalist bankers, because, wake up everyone, that’s who’s really in control right now. These greedy, self-serving, evil and cynical people…much like the one that the late Aaron Russo talks about below:

Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal of Microchipped Population

And to THINK, that those who went to public schools were taught to admire the Rockefellers for their financial success. WHAT A CROCK!! Their financial success was derived from making people slaves and stealing from fellow Americans. The only term I agree with is ROBBER BARON! That goes for the Rockefellers, Morgans and Warburgs! [I have yet to hear (thankfully) anything similar to this regarding Andrew Carnegie and I hope that is because he came to America as an immigrant and started from the bottom of the barrel so hopefully we will never hear of him stealing from his fellow citizens.]

The worst yet, the twisted mentality of the elite of the early 20th century has trickled down to their current heirs. Talk about rotten apples not falling far from the tree! The current Rockefellers are no better! “What do you care about those people?” Because you are also an American citizen (though it begs the question of what that term really means nowadays) and a fellow human being! How can you not have compassion and care for a fellow human?? We are not animals, made to compete to the death for food and shelter! We are humans with the power of rational thought (though nowadays I wouldn’t doubt that some animals are certainly more intelligent than most in our country)!

That type of thinking, that everyone else is beneath you and that you are better than others, is bred, is taught and preached from a young age. Look at little kids, they are not evil and uncaring towards each other. Maybe I’m just naive to think that humans are inherently good, maybe that is so. However, you’d be hard-pressed to find a child who is evil to the core. These elite “self-proclaimed demigods” are no hope for our country and we need to look to each other and to educating ourselves to even begin to hope for a better future.




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