Rock on 9/11 Truthers, Rock on!!

24 09 2007

Geraldo Rivera at his “best”…covering mini skirts, cookies baking in a car and sex in the bathroom…Way to go Foxaganda! F’in morons! Yeah because covering those sensationalist items is more important than covering news that is breaking all around you! As a journalist (rather than a tabloid junkie), Rivera should have been in the crowd, giving a louder voice to those protesting! Instead, he is covering topics that mean NOTHING in this world. Oh and by the way, the good doctor was a porn star. Yeah, talk about credibility! Victoria Zdrock is a porn star (a la the YouTube comments). Oh and also, Rivera is a complete sell-out because once upon a time he was in the same place as the protesters he decries as “misfits/communists/nut jobs”. And when did he sell-out? When he was asked to join the Council of Foreign Relations! OOOO! Sellout! And what else? He said on TV (I’ll find the original): “I am a Zionist. I would die for Israel.” Hmmm, strong words, no? Especially since he’s propagandizing for an administration that had strong ties to the Nazi regime!! Geraldo Rivera needs to remind himself (or have someone hit him over the head with a communications/journalism textbook) what real journalism means, what real journalists do, and what their societal responsibilities are as journalists.




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