Iranian President at Columbia Univ

25 09 2007

Iranian President at Columbia Univ.

Even if you don’t like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, keep an open mind. Yes, he says things that can be considered hateful. Read what he said about 9/11 and why he wanted to lay a wreath there. Yes, Iran has alleged ties with Al-Qaida, and yes there hijackers were part of Al-Qaida. But you need to investigate 9/11 too. He has a point: find out who has a hand in 9/11, find out who was really involved.

Oh and Bollinger? A complete and utter weakling against the pressure of those around him. Talk about peer pressure!! Inviting a foreign dignitary and then publicly insulting him. If that’s what you were planning to do, why invite in the first place? And why give in to the pressures of the press and politicians? Why not stand up against them? Why not stand up for our freedom of speech? It would have been the commendable thing to do instead of succumbing to peer pressure, bringing the whole situation down to almost high school level where the popular kids bash the unpopular kids after baiting them to come on stage to speak. It certainly doesn’t show much character in Bollinger. Sad, really.

“President Bush said Ahmadinejad’s appearance at Columbia ‘speaks volumes about, really, the greatness of America.'” <– Oddly enough, that is the ONLY comment Bush made that i even remotely agree with because, yes, free speech is very precious and vital in this country but we are certainly not the only country to allow free speech. However, today’s free speech is not the same anymore unfortunately.

“But conservatives on Capitol Hill were critical. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut, said he thought the invitation to Ahmadinejad was a mistake ‘because he comes literally with blood on his hands.'” <– Ahh, yes, but our own president has that same blood on his hands but no one is willing to admit it.

Hmm…Isn’t that interesting?




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