“Permission to FLY, sir?” – Stop the Deliberate Destruction of Civil Liberties!

27 09 2007

The Nightmare of DHS´s *Secure Flight*

So now they want us to ask permission to even book a flight!! That’s RIDICULOUS!! Abso-f’in-lutely ridiculous! Oh and are we surprised that the proposal gives airlines free reign to use our personal and PRIVATE information at their will with no recourse?? Evil is afoot, people!

And yes, the general public did agree to these things earlier, like right after 9/11, when fear was rampant. However, this is just RIDICULOUS! Now we have to ask permission to fly?! What’s next? Permission to drive through states? Even if this IS an extension of terms that we agreed to previously, it is time to stop giving our “government” (evil overlords) free reign over our civil liberties because of the fear-mongering they do and the intimidation tactics they use on the public they are meant to represent!

Oh and a refresher comment: everyone in our government, especially in the legislative body, SWORE to uphold the Constitution and strike down things that were in violation of the Constitution. Just a reminder because there are maybe a HANDFUL of representatives that actually follow the Constitution at ALL! That is why the DHS and TSA are even willing to push this so called “Secure Flight Plan”! Because our legislative body as a majority will potentially sacrifice the public’s civil liberties so they can continue to lord over us! Spread the truth and be the media, since they’re doing a piss job of it!!




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