“Christian Nation” Comment Turns into Potential Public Ego Trip

2 10 2007

Criticism for McCain’s “Christian Nation” comment

“Someone running for president ought to understand the Constitution a little better. …How can we trust someone to uphold the Constitution who doesn’t even know what is in it?”

Hmm…well, that would probably disqualify the MAJORITY of the candidates, no? Already, on their stances and voting record, we can tell the the one who knows the Constitution the best, out of the candidates, is Ron Paul. The Constitution is not an outdated piece of paper, people, and I sure don’t want someone who screams “Don’t throw the Constitution in my face” as leader of this nation! Ponder that if you will…

However, I don’t think this comment was posed in a decidedly pro-Ron Paul stance. [Actually, this comment probably came from a place of anger and indignation of being “snubbed”…which, I don’t particularly care for, because, well, I’m not big on institutionalized religion anyways…it’s kinda like one of those “My dad can kick your dad’s ass anyday!” type of thing…childish, no?] I think the owner, Ira Forman, said it to illustrate that the Constitution allows for freedom of religion, thereby promoting religious pluralism. But thankfully, it also pinpoints Ron Paul as the best candidate since we are talking about being PRESIDENT, Commander-in-Chief, leader of this great nation. To do so, one MUST intimately know the very document this country was founded on, no?

And of course, McCain backtracked and said “Well, that’s not what I meant”, which everyone does when the ish hits the fan. It’s kind of annoying how the spinners always say “Well, this isolated comment has just been totally taken out of context and blown out of proportion by the MEDIA” (which, might I remind, you are using to your advantage). And perhaps it was taken out of context. Maybe so. Doesn’t really change my opinion of McCain for the better or for worse. Didn’t like him to begin with.

Oh and, I found it …interesting that Ibrahim Hooper wants to have Islamic-American leaders meet with McCain to “discuss the comment”. Um, people, what is there to discuss? That’s what the man believes! This country was founded on freedom of speech and freedom of thought! It’s not like the comment was especially demeaning or in any way promoted defamation of any non-Christian religion. He was just speaking of his preference. What does that have anything to do with Islamic-American or Jewish-American leaders? Making McCain sit with either Islamic-American or Jewish-American leaders to “discuss his comments” is just a total publicity ploy/ego trip!! I mean really, is it going to make him change his mind? And why should it? It just truly seems like the two organizations are basically just trying to make an example of McCain’s somewhat ill-advised comment, not because it’s necessarily offensive but because people are so sensitive these days! It’s not like said that only Christian politicians need apply for the presidency and even if he did, so what? Should one man’s opinion really deter politicians of other religions from striving for the presidency? Of course not! So I say, bah! Forgo the public ego trip because it doesn’t necessarily make anyone look mature…so instead, keep promoting religious pluralism and ease up on the sensitivity, eh?




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