Maybe He’s Starting to Understand…

11 10 2007

What an awesome night!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jay and I went to WP for a change (instead of the Ossining/Briarcliff SB as usual). Had dinner out at Seasons, a Japanese bistro. WONDERFUL sushi! Of course, this started the talk about opening up a restaurant in the future…and boy am I glad that I still have my marketing project from college!!

Then we went to a Rosanne Cash concert at City Center. Awesome time!! His client got us comped tix since she was organizing it and just wow! I had a great time! The music was great!! I had never heard her before and was somewhat nervous since I’m not usually a folk-sy kinda person but it was GREAT!! And yes, that would be Johnny Cash’s daughter…she sang (not spoke) two of his songs and they were great!! Some of my faves (that I can remember the titles of): Black Cadillac, God is in the Roses, and I can’t remember the other titles but awesome concert!!

Oh and the BESSST part?? During the drive down to WP, he drove my car so I whipped out my little crochet project (for a swap I’m in) that I was working on. Immediately he said “No, no way, not while we’re driving! I don’t want you to poke your eye out if something happens!” Typical worrywart boyfriend comment right? So of course, I reassure him and showed him the hook…promised to work on it for only a few minutes and poof! He said okay! Yeah and a few minutes turned into the full 30 minute ride! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay!! And he never mentioned it after that! Didn’t even occur to him and certainly didn’t distract from our conversation, like he thought it would. SO I do believe that I’ve converted him out of that worrywart state of mind ๐Ÿ™‚ into a knit/crochet friendly loving boyfriend! Yayness!




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