RFID chips = pure evil

19 10 2007

Okay, I know I’ve been back on the crafting wagon for a little while but I must stray back to the politics again because it is uber disturbing…


On Oct 17th, the New Hampshire RFID Study Commission convened to discuss a bill shot down by the NH state Senate that would have made RFID-labeling on all products. Okay so I’m not from NH. BUT, if there are small victories AGAINST RFIDs in a multitude of states, then surely it will become prevalent throughout the US. So bottom line, this Commission is not responsible for making any laws or passing them either (THANK GOD!); it’s just a bunch of people from all (yeah right) walks of life that convene to discuss the RFID chips, which apparently affect their participants greatly.

Bottom line: They voted 1. in support of language that would allow guardians and parents to implant RFID microchips into children, 2. struck out an entire provision which would have prohibited the microchipping of corpses.

1. One could make the argument that children cannot intelligently (yeah right) make the informed decision of whether or not to stick some foreign radio frequency chip into their body or not. I suppose one could argue that. I mean hey, kids shove dirt in their mouths (gross as it may sound, it actually strengthens their immune system) so how could they possibly understand that sticking, basically, a homing device in their arm is a smart thing to do! That is precisely why they need “us adults” to OKAY it FOR them. Yeah right!! You know all those sci-fi/futuristic movies where the world is in shambles, run by aliens/robots/[insert horrifying creatures here (aka bankers)] and the main characters are completely going against what their PARENTS followed and are politely cursing them for bringing this completely desolate environment upon them. Yeah, remember those movies? If we force our kids to be implanted with these RFID chips, THAT is our future! The world in shambles – that would be because of global warming and our unstoppable rate of consumption of natural resources. The world run by aliens/robots – that would be because we gave up our civil liberties (Patriot Act) and allowed ourselves to be controlled. And why did we allow that to happen? Because we were fed garbage! Because we are living in a world of propagandized terror! What is the mass media and big government hawking these days? (Well really, it’s been so since the early 1900s.) Terror! Fear! Eghad!

2. What sense does it make to implant an RFID chip into a corpse????? What, are we afraid that a corpse will get up and walk away!? Are we scared that it will FLEE the country?!!? I’m not even sure HOW to respond to this one because it is so COMPLETELY bizarre!! What possible reason could they come up with to track a corpse?! I’m overjoyed (probably wrong word) that those with religious convictions are speaking up against this because, yes, it WOULD be a desecration of one’s body post-mortem! Because they would implant it, obviously, post-mortem, which further and continually begs the question of WHY! Oh yeah, and the comment that relatives were upset that corpses found in the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina were tagged…okay, so they tagged the bodies instead of treating them properly with a proper burial?? Are we THAT obsessed with science and “technological advances” that we have completely forgotten and thrown to the wayside human decency?!?! Tagging a corpse!?!? What is WRONG with these people?! Especially the ones who are proponents of this idea!! What is WRONG with these people?!?!

And I do not doubt Dr. Albrecht’s comment that the Commission consisted of more INDUSTRY participants (read: people who would benefit financially from the implementation of this chip) than any other group! Now, how is THAT equal or fair?? If that was the case, it should have just been called the New Hampshire RFID Cheerleaders’ Committee! Ra ra! =P




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