Rhinebeck at Home :)

26 10 2007

So I had considered going over to Rhinebeck this year to scope it out and just to see what it’s all about. During the summer I was researching hotels and other sites to see nearby. I found both and then thought about it… 1. I didn’t feel like wasting money on the hotel, gas and food. 2. Why am I paying like $10 for one skein/hank/ball of yarn if I can just go and spend $10 and buy at least 3-5 sweaters in one shot??

The whole unravel therapy thing has taken over!! A sweater can net at least 3-5 balls of yarn…so with 3-5 sweaters? That’s roughly at least 10 balls of yarn for $10!! Cost effectiveness man!! But don’t get me wrong, it IS time consuming and sometimes, just sometimes, I do reach for the new yarn because it’s “faster”, etc…but I never NEVER buy expensive and overpriced yarn. On sale dude! 🙂 That’s the way to go!!

So check out what I bought! 🙂 Sorry for blurry pics etc…the new camera SUCKS!

a lovely pale/sky blue 100% wool short sleeve sweater 🙂 I see at least 3 cakes of yarn out of this one 🙂

now this one REALLY caught my eye!! it has a very nice sky blue mixed with a very nice darker bright blue…very very nice! it’s a silk and rayon blend…VERY nice drape and texture 🙂 i’m thinking at least 4-5 cakes 🙂

now this one I’m excited about 🙂 it’s a nice medium blue long sleeve double-breasted sweater…in 100% alpaca wool!! 🙂 beautiful drape and texture right here too!! I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 6 cakes at least 🙂

other pro’s about unraveling sweaters: BUTTONS!! 🙂 and some cool ones on these! 🙂

Oh yeah, and, well, against my Mom’s advice, I bought these sweaters at a yard sale! For $1 each! That’s $3 for 13-14 cakes of nice quality yarn (alpaca, silk, wool) and HOW awesome is that?! 🙂

And when you think about it, buying these at a yard sale is the same as buying them at like Goodwill or something, which I did before. All you have to do is wash ’em after you get back 🙂 How awesome right? 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with MY “Rhinebeck” 🙂




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