Pumpkins? Enough!! (Until Thanksgiving!)

28 10 2007

So last weekend we went a-pumpkin-picking…very cute 🙂 and we scored 2 very nicely sized pumpkins! About 10 lbs each or so. Since Jay was bugging me to make pumpkin pie, I decided to just do it this weekend. And quite frankly, I am now totally pumpkin’ed-out! No more! (Until Thanksgiving, that is lol)

The damn pumpkin hurt my hand during cutting only because it was so darn big! Of course, we can’t forget the fact that our oven is broken! We only had a toaster oven…and we were out of propane for the gas grill. Sooo, I tried one plate of roasted pumpkin but it took a while so then I did the steaming. Worked fine BUT caused the pumpkins to be somewhat watery. The fix? Compensate with less liquid of other types. I still needed to run to the store before I started baking everything so I measured everything out and set it all aside. And thank God for that! Anyways, my creations went like hotcakes! I was going to take pics this morning but, well, I was lazy! 😛 But here’s the list:

1. Pumpkin Walnut Biscuits (recipe from FamilyFun.com) – First attempt at biscuits and they turned out very nicely 🙂
2. Classic Pumpkin Pie (recipe from FoodTV.com) – Recipe originally called for eggnog…couldn’t find it so I substituted milk. Was able to make 6 mini pies (in little baggies already) + one regular 9″ pie 🙂
3. Pumpkin Walnut Cranberry Bread (recipe from FoodTV.com) – Well, the batter that was placed in the bread pan…did NOT work out. The outside was crisp and tasty but the inside was still raw 😦 However, shockingly enough, the batter placed in the mini muffin tins were perfect! Tasty but browned a bit too much. So it suffers from the doesn’t-look-great-but-tastes-awesome syndrome…
4. Cranberry Walnut Pumpkin Cookies (recipe from AllRecipes.com) – Yes there is a trend here! (Jay loves cranberries, walnuts and pumpkins…see?) These turned out AWESOME! I made about a dozen as regular cookies but since I only had my toaster oven (and it was getting late) I opted for the mini muffin tin to speed things along. And the mini muffins? Turned out awesome as well!

The cookies were for the little “Secret Boo” thing at the office 🙂 Oh and that went over UBER well! Paired the cookies with choice Tazo tea and candy. The muffins and the 9″ pumpkin pie are just for work, which disappeared super fast (kind of shocked too but all good!). The mini pies are for Cathy & Rob. The biscuits are for me for breakfast! And the bread? For the garbage 😦 I put it back in, hoping to cook the inside, but that didn’t work. Oh well! And what did Jay eat? Only the biscuits 😦 Not even a bite of the pies! Sigh…maybe Thanksgiving then?

But yeah, it was fun as anything to be back in the kitchen like that 🙂 Instead of just making the usual salad + beef request. And of course, watching Food Network afterwards with their Iron Chef America reruns…ahh the kitchen! 🙂




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