Remiscent of Usual Suspects…

5 11 2007

We went out on a limb this time getting Lucky # Slevin. I think I heard some not-so-great reviews for this one but then again it could have been a different flick. Long of the short, very very worth it!!

Cinematography was very creative with some interesting and odd camera angles, which of course are purposeful as well. Storyline is very interesting! More like Usual Suspects than Pulp Fiction (from back sleeve) but haven’t seen The Professional so I can’t say really. Mr. GoodKat…love it! Very interesting story boarding too, time plays and such.

Chemistry between Lucy Liu and Josh Hartnett is quite interesting and fun to watch, not in the least because it somehow mirrors that of my relationship! Difficult to imagine Morgan Freeman as a bad guy but he plays it well…Though I still see him as God from Bruce Almighty. Stanley Tucci is an awesome actor in many respects so this performance just adds to that. This was the first time I’ve seen Ben Kinglsey in a movie and he is quite good as Rabbi! Quite good indeed! Oh and of course, Bruce Willis…what restraint, what poise…seamless performance!

Long of the short, a quality movie worth watching. Makes you think, which I love! Definitely a great pick!




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