Knitting magazines…

16 11 2007

Okay, I finally understand now…this is what I get for preferring to not purchase monthly Interweave Knits issues….ESPECIALLY when there are patterns that I kind of like!! Argh! Look!!

I totally realized it when I saw this post on Craftster: Finished Minimalist

Doesn’t that cardigan just look awesome?! Looks like she definitely swatched! (Argh I so can’t do the swatching thing…) But see, the magazine photo TOTALLY didn’t look fitted! I mean look! It looks totally baggy and form-less…but it looks great custom-fitted! I totally want to find the pattern and make it for myself…except for the fact that the Winter 2007 issue has already been released and this pattern is from the Fall issue….oh and IK says it’s been sold out so I can’t buy it online either…

So the moral of the story: BUY THE ISSUES! I usually have a rule when it comes to buying knitting magazines/books: I must like at least half of the patterns in the magazine/book and originally, I didn’t like half of the patterns…but it’s the one that got away that really gets you in the end!! Like this one!! Argh! See and not to mention, it looked horrible on the model in the magazine but it looks great on the fellow knitter! Sigh, I guess, good luck finding it, right? Sigh 😦




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