Eek! A Whole Month!

28 12 2007

Wow…a full month! Okay, I need to NEVER let my blogging get to that low point 😦

So quick recap:

  1. Business trip to Texas in the 1st week of Dec – went QUITE well! Always room for improvement but I can’t complain too much
  2. Won Employee of the Year award at work – YAY! 🙂 Very nice to be finally recognized publicly!
  3. Christmas treats for my TX staff – finished on time and they went over very nicely 🙂
  4. Gifts for work – went over UBER well!! Boss really liked his neck pillow, my supervisor LOVED her Christmas/Housewarming gifts! Secret Santa recipient teared up…what a reaction! WELL worth the long night before hand!
  5. Christmas gift for Jay – went over QUITE well!! He loved the scarf (probably won’t wear it often though) and the blanket, yay!
  6. My awesome Christmas gift – a ring! (not engagement…maybe promise? dunno) It’s a beautiful pearl and crystal ring!! Because Jay knows I LOVE pearls and hate diamonds…it’s a beautiful ring! (Getting re-sized right now)
  7. Gifts for family – for Mom’s side, went over QUITE well; for parents, went over well; have to admit that the sibling gifts were only “eh” so I can understand
  8. Post-Christmas shopping – DSW RAWKS!! Three pairs of shoes + wallet + clutch for $80! Pair of boots, flats and driving mocs…sooo worth it! Then very awesome black and misc patterned wallet and clutch (not matching)
  9. Oh yeah…my first Craftster swap? AWESOME!! I’ll blog next!
  10. The old sewing machine has “new” lease on life! It’s been brought back to life!! Yay!! Need to learn know…

I made out like a bandit! lol

However…now I’m in a knitting rut… I can’t figure out what to knit next 😦 I feel like I don’t have enough of any yarn to finish a project and I don’t realy want to go and buy more yarn RIGHT now since I spent a pretty penny this holiday season…(or at least it feels that way even tho everything was handmade)…sigh…

On a brighter note, I’ve gotten so “fed up” with clutter, especially my huge mess of patterns both in hardcopy AND digital…I’m making a pattern index.. I’m such a loser! We’ve been using some pretty cool functions in Excel lately so I’m going to try it…should go over well. Also, since I’m tired of not knowing what and how much I have in my stash, I made Yarn Cards! I’ll post a pic when I’m done or at least filled one out. I’m turning into a geek!




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