Year Long AwesomeKnittedItem-a-long (AKI2008 for short!)

28 12 2007

Link: Year Long Gift-A-Long

I came across this blog-gift-a-long through SwapDex (highly recommended!) and after reading the “rules”, I TOTALLY love the idea!!! Not only does it keep me on track for gifts, it keeps me on track for BLOGGING!! 🙂 Now, I do like making items for people (aka gifts)…BUT, would you believe that in my 3+ years of knitting, I’ve only made ONE thing for myself!?!? So instead of a GIFT-a-long…I’m going to make it an AwesomeKnittedItem (AKI)-a-long 🙂

So I’m going to post the (revised) rules on here too to remind me of what I need to do weekly:

Rules & Housekeeping for AKI2008

(a) Post an AKI List each month including AKI Item / Recipient / Occasion / Deadline; ex. Lace Shawl/Mom/Mother’s Day/May 1
(b) Post regular updates by the last weekday of each month: Updates = Work In Progress (WIP), DONE, Rollover
(c) Contribute to the AKI Ideas List (aka Sparks of Inspiration)


  1. Monthly AKI Lists must be 5 items or less (sets and pairs of things count as 1 item)
  2. You can rollover an item to a new month, but you should maintain your list limit of 5
  3. You can change out items at any time, but you must post about it
  4. If possible, post Work in Progress photos and Finished photos

So that’s my plan for my blog this year! Hopefully I’ll finish a NUMBER of AKIs for 2008! Yay! I think I’ll start on the 1st 🙂




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