Super Sex!

31 12 2007

Okay, Freecycle rawks! I saw an announcement by Filomina of Quilts & Such over in Lyndhurst who was giving away tables and chairs because they are moving to Montclair. Called her up on Saturday and she tells me she’s also giving away YARN and FABRIC!! So I drag my lovely boyfriend with me and I find:

a table for my room
a big plastic bin
two fabric cube bins
two baskets
and a woven tote bag

And what did I do? I filled ALL of them (except table) with free fabric!!! And a few skeins of yarn and embroidery tools!!! I was and still am ECSTATIC!! See? (picture coming soon)

Also, and it’s hard to take the picture – I found some kick-butt 50’s style pinup fabric!!

Also, and probably one of hte best parts: the only thing I had to pay for was a $20 sewing machine…by Euro-Pro…that goes through DENIM!! WHAT A FIND!!!

Sooo, Filomina and gang, YOU GUYS RAWK!!! đŸ™‚




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