Throwback to a Different Time

31 12 2007

Superman Returns: B+ – one-timer

Bryan Singer is one of the best directors when it comes to comic-to-movie transitions. X-men 1 & 2 were awesome! Superman Returns was good too; just, still, kind of weird with a different Clark Kent. Brandon Routh played him well but Christopher Reeves is hard to replace. The storyline was very interesting! I like the idea of a baby-Superman! And how adorable is that little guy? The choice of casting Kate Bosworth? I don’t know. She looked the part well enough but I’m not a usual fan of her to begin with.

Now, Kevin Spacey? My goodness gracious!! He, again, pulls of a great evil bad-guy role! Though not as evil as, say, Usual Suspects but still good. Oh so evil is he!! Love the man!

But overall, it was okay. Wouldn’t really bother renting again but was curious about it anyways. Like my film professor said at Fordham, they gave Superman (an alien immigrant, raised in the humble heartland of the US) a face and you cannot replace that actor, unlike with Batman, the (wealthy) masket crusader… Interesting dichotomy…




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