My first switch-out, Boston and more MMA!

7 01 2008

Okay so for the January ’08 AKI List, I decided to switch something out, the Versatile Wrap, because I won’t have time for it 😦 BUT I’m switching IN a birthday present…for Cathy…who reads my blog so I won’t be able to post WIP pics

So this past Sunday, I drove up to Boston with my mom to bring Christina to school…I was planning on knitting the way up and then driving home. I got my knitting bag ready the night before and got up early, grabbed my bag and we were off! …Except when I pulled out my knitting…I realized I forgot to print out the pattern (brainiac over here) So we TALKED the whole time…which was a great thing 🙂 but I was totally looking forward to starting the Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top during the trip

But I did start it first thing this morning! I’ll post WIP pics as I go along (when I find a camera)…it’s uber confusing!! There’s a first and second half but a member of Craftster who’s finished the pattern says that it’s not REALLY half’s but just the way it’s written…Oh, and the kicker, short rows!! I’ve never tried those before and I’m now realizing that this is probably NOT the project I want to learn those with! lol BUT, I’m gonna give it a go!

Oh and Fight Quest on Discovery Channel?? RAWKS!!! I’ve been telling EVERYONE who will listen…literally!!




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