Update …without a camera :(

21 01 2008

It’s so weird without a digi cam!! Wow! I mean granted I have the iSight on my Mac but its still weird. Anyways, update!

I had to rip my Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top once and now I’m even further on the way! Yay! And luckily everything is starting to make sense, lovely! I’ll post pics too soon hopefully.

I started on the Trois legwarmers for Chris. It’s kind of boring but that’s definitely a good thing. The yarn isn’t too fickle (thank God) and it seems self-striping yay! But there is NO stitch definition at all. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But doesn’t matter since it’s just rib and stockinette stitch anyways.

So the Retro 50s Swap is already underway and I’m going to get the supplies on Thursday…yay!! I’m excited! It’s gonna be pretty awesome! Oh and speaking of swaps, I have to post pics of the Scrap Fabric Swap pics. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab a camera soon to take pics…

Looks like I’m going to have to do another switch-out. After “reviewing” the gift idea for Cathy, I’m starting to realize…not a GREAT idea…it’s funny as hell BUT she’d never be able to display it unfortunately ::sigh::

Luckily, I’ve got more projects to work on!! 🙂 I’ll probably switch-out when I start to stock on the supplies for it! Here’s a hint: I’m going to be an aunt!




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