Stationery S.E.X.

1 02 2008

I think I’m officially NOT allowed to venture to craft stores or dollar stores alone…take a look for yourselves:

Vintage kitchen note cards

Cool ribbon and awesomely awesome black-white-red stationery: journal, note cards

That shopping trip should’ve only cost like $15 or so…it came to almost $30!!!!! (I also bought a mini reed air freshner heehee) Like I said, no unsupervised trips to craft or dollar stores…You should’ve seen the stash I got from the dollar store!! Speaking of which…when I receive my new digital camera, that will be the FIRST thing I take pics of!

Oh…I also need more storage containers then…hmm…Well, they’re having sales on those awesome acid-free photo boxes!! 🙂 (oh boy…)




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