Movie Weekend (plus the GIANTS!)

5 02 2008

Meet the Fockers: B+

Okay, so in comparison to Meet the Parents, this one was by far better. I don’t quite know why but I much preferred this version. And I must say that I never knew Barb to be a comedienne! Dustin Hoffman? Love the man! Very nice pairing with Rob too! All in all, a very cute movie indeed. Jay loved the fact that they mentioned Weeki Wachi! (Or however you spell it)

The Departed: A-

Well,Β  technically a knock-off of Internal Affairs from HongKong but I’ll let it slide because they truly recruited some of the best male talent! At some times annoying when the shrink came into play but definitely worthy of an A- grade! Leo has turned out to be quite the actor… Shocking! Matt Damon is very on-point; I much prefer his action-hero side. And, of course, I LOVE MARK WAHLBERG! LOVE him!! I’m excited to see the Internal Affairs trilogy! Maybe soon πŸ™‚

Breach: A-

Another pick from one of my favorite genres: espionage (with, of course, a film noir edge). Chris Cooper was awesome in Lonestar and it’s interesting to see him play an asshole. Ryan Phillippe…eh, don’t care too much for but he did well. I didn’t quite care for Julianna’s character. She seemed to “get in the way” but granted, this is based on a true story so I’ll let that be. Laura Linney played an agent well (left a bad taste from some of her previous stints). Very interesting to see the true story played out in a movie. I wonder how much is truth. Wouldn’t necessarily watch again but was definitely worth it.

Oh yeah…and the GIANTS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚




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