26 02 2008

At my WONDERFUL office (yeah right), I had the task of buying birthday cakes for 4 (!) people. Two wanted homemade (yay!) and two wanted store-bought, which I didn’t bother to photograph and didn’t mind either since I didn’t so much care for those fellow co-workers, truth be told. So, Cathy and my boss wanted two different cakes: chocolate vs. something light but liqueur-esque. Both are geeks. So…VOILA! : The cake 🙂 Enjoy!

So the bottom layer was chocolate and the top was a orange liqueur yellow cake with Nutella (!) filling/icing and fondant with the from-the-can frosting… 😀 I was tight on time and…well too lazy to make my own frosting.

It’s even got a Power button! (even though the camera was shaky)

Once again, this time with the toothpick/candle holes:

Oh and I made a duplicate cake for Cathy’s friend’s birthday…lol 🙂 Same cake…except that one was viewed 200 times on …geeks, go figure lol just kidding! Check it out here:




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