February AKI Update

26 02 2008

So here’s my updated AKI for February:

– Une Legwarmer / Vicky / Birthday / March 20
– Trois Legwarmers / Christina / Birthday / Deadline passed
– Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top / Me / Just because ) / Summer time
– Make a Friend Swap – Pt 1 / Athena / Craftster swap
– Baby shower gift / Mari’s Baby / April 26

I got my camera finally! 🙂 Except I don’t have new WIP pics of anything yet lol I had to switch out Cathy’s gift because, truly, I haven’t actually started it yet lol

So the baby shower gift will (hopefully) consist of: cotton bib, acrylic kimono sweater, acrylic baby mary janes, embroidered onesies set…all in pink-white-lavendar 🙂 at least the knitted items…yeah i have until April 26th……. PLUS the HUGE Craftster Make a Friend swap!

Make a Friend Swap consists of:
part 1 – 6 small items, unfortunately only two crafted (because I foolishly signed up for 3 swaps at once…yeah good idea lol)
part 2 – 3 small crafted or store bought items (haven’t decided yet) and then a set (can’t divulge but I know exactly what to make)
part 3 – 3 more small crafted or store bought items (haven’t decided yet) and then a large project – have an idea and am trying to decide on two different images and also the application (if you will)

I’m really excited for the large project!! The set from part 2 should be relatively easy to make in comparison 🙂

I’ll try to have some WIP pics up 🙂 Yay for digital cameras!




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