July ’08 ACI List

1 07 2008

– Wedding gifts / Knit / Nic & Keith / Sept 7 08
– Amigurumi anything / Crochet / Me / Whenever but soon!
– Cute (secret) Christmas gift / KnitCrochet / Jay / Thanksgiving (oo! early deadline!)
– Sewing machine cover / Sewing / Me / ASAP
– Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top / Knit / Me / Just because )


Wedding gifts: I’d say…10% now….pitiful I know. And that’s even counting the store-bought-to-be-upcycled item! Then I have two items from scratch that I’m working on…soon…I have to!

Amigurumi: I just borrowed a ton of books from the library and my own little e-library has plenty of patterns. Just have to pick something out. No rush but eager!

Cute (secret) Christmas gift: Well, I found out what Jay loved as a kid and aspired to be! Sooo I found the pattern. I probably already have the yarn but, of course, that won’t stop me from a SEX! I can’t wait for his reaction!

Sewing machine cover: Just found an easy to follow tute online today while at work. Now, to find a cute fabric to use…though I probably already have one! 😛

Crisp Rectangle Tunic top: still at 25% complete…….I’ll probably finish by NEXT summer :/ Time management!




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