a rant that has been pent up for too long

25 07 2008

Things/People I Hate (maybe too strong of a word?)….OR Things/People that Frustrate me BEYOND BELIEF:

Stupid people – example: actually, there are too many examples but let me clarify:

1. Moronic, hyper-cautious drivers : YOU ARE THE ONES WHO CAUSE ACCIDENTS! Stopping at a GREEN light is DUMB! Stopping in the MIDDLE of the road with NO ONE in front of you is DUMB! Swerving 10 feet in either direction to avoid a pedestrian ON THE SIDEWALK is DUMB! When you stop at a red light, there are 2 lanes and the law allows a right turn on red…do NOT leave 2 car spaces between you and the one in front of you. IT’S RUDE to the one person behind you who is JUST making a right turn on a red during RUSH HOUR!

2. Inconsiderate (and usually overweight) strolling pedestrians : Okay, I understand that everyone walks (etc) at their own pace. I’m okay with that, really I am. But seriously, whether you can, can’t or don’t want to walk fast, move the fuck OVER! Walk to one side, whichever that is! Oh, and this applies to staircases as well. You especially can’t tell me that the MALLS don’t have wide enough spaces for you to walk on one side and for others to also walk. Yes, I agree that I could walk around you, which I have every intention of doing but how can I do that if you take up the whole area? Oh and that is of course how people do it when they’re in groups…they walk in a straight line side to side. I’m sorry but YOU may not have a place to go but guess what, I DO!

3. Self-righteous, pompous asses : Oh, these people are the absolute worst! First, they think that a. they are always right, b. they are perfect, c. they have to have the last word, and d. they love their condescending tone. Some in particular think they’re self-righteous because they’re totally convinced that they know everything, could never be wrong and have never even been wrong before. What a crock of shit! Get off the high horse!

So those are the top three but I’m sure that if I sat here long enough, I’d come up with a few more.

But another thing, I realize that it’s a movie but the sisterly relationship that’s in “Because I Said So” is just a complete source of sadness for me. I’m jealous. Yes it’s a movie but people do have those relationships. I guess not everyone though…blah!




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