Selfish (?) crafting

12 12 2008

It sounds bad to me but hopefully it’s not really. I think I’ve gotten to my wits end with gift-crafting and I need to get back to me-crafting. Granted, I love the whole plan-a-gift and get-started-on-a-gift process. But as of late, I’ve only been able to finish two gifts…yeah, out of 6!! AND I planned in advance with enough time to finish.

After those two were finished, I was, I thought, prepared to complete two more – realized I forgot my hooks at home (and I was in Texas) and realized that when they say 12″ – 16″ circs, they really mean that and I had no DPs in sight, while in Texas.

Having returned from Texas, I realized that I must really dislike size 7 needles because I have multiple size 6 and 8 needles in circs, DPs and straights, but only one pair of 7 straights and one set of DPs, which is a sucky set. But I tried the project on the 7 DPs, yeah that went badly! The hooked project got side-tracked and in looking at it, is way more difficult than it’s worth. The 5th project, well, that wasn’t really all that serious anyways, I realized. The final 6th project, I really will complete but I don’t have a desire to start right now and apparently, it’s not absolutely necessary to finish right now.

So, humph, I’ve decided to selfish-craft for a while. I mean the recipients I was crafting or planning-to-craft for before…honestly only the two whose items I finished would’ve appreciated it, as in genuinely so. Other than them, well I’d appreciate FINALLY finishing a project for myself! I noticed I’ve yet to finish a project for myself! Not even the tunic! Though that has issues of its own.

I tried alterations to the pattern to adjust for my petite size…yeah, and now it’s way too small! So I have to somehow add rows without throwing off the short rows of neckline and hip areas. I’ve been knitting for 4 years but I would probably only consider myself intermediate, not quite advanced yet. So let’s hope I can figure out this little dilemma without freaking out and frogging the thing! Though, I’m still only in the first third of the project, so it probably wouldn’t be that bad!

Oh and I came home from work and decided that I needed to know my needle/hook inventory and I knew there was stock all tangled up in probably-will-never-finish projects (some due to other people’s drama dilemmas, ugh). So I started to frog some old WIPs and ball-wind them. But I’m sick right now so my attention span was nilch. I’ll have to finish it during the week sometime I suppose.

Oh and that was the other thing. I think I’m on this selfish-crafting kick because I started….let’s see, 5, yes 5 projects with intentions to finish and all of that for someone because they were getting married…well they decided not to get married so I have to frog 5 WIPs. Not a horrible thing but somehow I keep thinking that more thought should be put into that decision. Just a thought. So now I have 5 WIPs to frog with a TON of extra yarn in colors that are not my usual cup of tea!! I think that gets me the most! The yarn! Not cheap, ya know! The colors aren’t horrible but I know I won’t use them and unfortunately I’ve gotten through a good number of the skeins, therefore unreturnable. Argh.

Enough with the ranting. I constantly see projects that are screaming to me so I feel the need to answer their call and I also feel the need to answer the call of stash organization. So I vow, as of today, I will start crafting for myself and I WILL be more stash-organized! Yay!! πŸ˜€ I’ll have a new ACI list and all of that good stuff starting with January 2009! Ooo do I hear New Years Resolution?? πŸ™‚ Yes! New Years Resolution for crafting: Be more stash-organized and craft for myself!




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