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4 01 2009

For a while, I resisted Ravelry. I think it’s because I’ve always been a lone-crafter so to speak. Didn’t see (realize) the value in social crafting. But oh boy is there!! First off, I’ve found so many awesome patterns on Ravelry…seriously, there are so many creative, ingenius people on there!

Second, I found the groups! 🙂 Yay! There are a few in Jersey, two of the LYS in Hillsdale have groups on there (one has coupons, yay!) and I found a group to destash my stash in.

Third, I found help! 🙂 I’ve got way too many WIPs…The group that I’m possibly most excited about: Finish or Frog It! Basically, on Fridays, we’re supposed to take a moment and review our WIPs. Pick something to either Finish or Frog it 🙂 It’s not every Friday but hey, the reminder certainly helps to control the numerous WIPs that I have.

So when I finish something, I’ll post it on my blog (of course!) and then link back to the group, with a few comments about how awesome it is to finally finish something! If I frog (which sounds like it’ll happen a few times), I’ll post it and give ideas/aspirations for what the yarn will become later on in life 😉

Ooooo I can’t wait! I know the first few Fridays will be Frog Fridays but maybe in February or March, I’ll start finishing? I hope so! 🙂




One response

5 01 2009

Yeah! I’m so glad you joined Finish or Frog It! I think you’ll be glad you did. Happy knitting,

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