Jan ’09 ACI List – Update

10 01 2009

January 2009 ACI List:
– Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top / Me / Knit / Whenever
– Lace Tam / Me / Knit / ASAP (need to get yarn first)
– DP Needle Pouches / Me / Embroider+Sew / ASAP
– Item for OTT 20 / karin_ & Flip Flop / TBD / Jan 31

Sparks of Inspiration:
– Needlebook/Altoid Needle Tin / Me / Sewing
– Sewing Machine Cover / Me / Sewing
– Drawstring WIP bags / Me / Sewing
– Magazine Holder / Me / Cardboard craft

Current status:

Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top: Now at 32.8%
– Issue: I just need to finish the last 2 inches of the front.
– Next: On to the back (sans shaping) then sleeves and edging

Lace Tam: still need to find yarn
– Issue: Highly likely to be LB Cottonease unless I can find some wickedly cool handspun at the LYS

DP Needle Pouches: This is STILL about 10% complete
– Done: Picked out all fabrics that will be used for all pouches
– Next Step: Embroider each needle size (US # / # mm) on white linen
– Issue: Get…self…to…start…embroidering!!

OTT 20 items:
– karin_: I’ve got an idea. Trying to decide between two actually…
– Flip Flop: This one might be difficult…need to stalk/interrogate a bit lol

Cereal Box Organizer: Read that cereal boxes aren’t sturdy enough. Found tute for cardboard + fabric one. Will have to give it a try later on




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