Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top Update

15 03 2009

So here I am with the Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top. It’s a year later and I’m only half way done lol Both the front and back panels are completed. I’m working on the sleeves now (the needle at the top of the picture is the first sleeve, the right front sleeve) and then there’s the edging at the bottom and just sew everything up with buttons and then I’ll be done! πŸ™‚ So I’d say I’m about 50% with this!

The front panel had a number of modifications – one in particular was a mistake so hopefully this doesn’t screw it ALL up for me. I skipped the “knit to 10 inches” portion without thinking – I still could’ve just knit to a shorter length. In any case, since I skipped it, I was short about 4 inches or so at the end of the front panel. So, without making any more adjustments, I just knit 4 inches extra on the end.

The back panel, however, was different and looks much better. I knit to 8.25 inches instead of 10 inches and it looks good so far. Just really hoping it’ll look great after sewing up. Oh then I have to block, which will be fun with my new blocking…blocks πŸ™‚ that my brother got me for Christmas! πŸ˜€




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